Orchard Hills Elementary

Learning Community With High Expectations

Orchard Hills Elementary has a long history as a learning community with high expectations. For more than fifty years our quality staff has been serving students in a well equipped facility for learning, including many technology opportunities. In addition each child receives Art, Music, Physical Education and Media. Every effort is made to offer an enriching, safe and respectful learning environment for all children. The staff believes children are unique in their own social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs and abilities with inherent dignity and self worth. Education is the primary responsibility of the school in cooperation with student, home and community. There are basic skills which the elementary child should master to ensure successful future academic endeavors. Children learn best in an environment which is safe, orderly and nurturing.


  • 380 Students in Grades K-4
  • 20 Classroom Teachers
  • 2 Special Education Teachers

  • 1 Special Education Teacher Consultant

  • 1 Occupational Therapist

  • Art, Music, and Physical Education Classes

  • 1 Media Specialist

  • 1 Literacy Specialist

  • 1 English Language Learner Specialist

  • 1 Title One/Math Interventionist

  • 2 Paraprofessionals

  • 1 Social Worker

  • 1 Psychologist

  • 1 Speech and Language Therapist

  • Active Parent Teacher Organization