Points of Pride

At Orchard Hills we:

Value positive relationships with students and families that provide opportunities for social, emotional and academic grown.  We recognize individual strenths and needs and provide a platform for a caring and supportive learning culture that embraces the whole child. 

  • Engage with a supportive and active Parent Teacher Organization
  • Collaborate and partner with various organizations including Novi Community Education, Novi Educational Foundation, Novi Public Library, Playworks, and the Community Financial Credit Union
  • Have a garden club that teachers volunteer to staff after school hours
  • Have full time specials classes including Art, Media, Music and Physical Education
  • Maintain ancillary staff including literacy and math interventionists, a school social worker, an English Language Learner teacher, two resource room teachers, a school psychologist and a speech and language pathologist
  • Celebrate our diversity with 25 unique, home languages spoken across the building
  • Utilize technology as a tool for staff and students to develop digital competencies and learn creatively.  Use of the state of the art technology inspires our creativity with teaching and learning and opens up possibilities with regard to interacting and connecting with the world
  • Inspire our students through our challenging and robust curriculum and our focus on building strong, positive relationships between school, home and the community.  Our staff is dedicated to teaching and learning for all and creating learning environments that are safe and emotionally secure. 
  • Our staff are steadfast and driven with an unwavering effort to personalize and individualize teaching and learning based on students' needs, interests, and aptitudes.  The Orchard Hills staff builds strong relationships, while utilizing the resources, technology, and systems to ensure success and continuous progress for all students.


Orchard Hills Pledge:

It's time to "pause" to start our day
We will make this promise to light our way
I promise to take care of myself in everything I do
and to honor others in my community too!